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Home is somewhere we should feel safe but all too often our homes are broken into leaving families feeling vulnerable and worried about any possible recurrances.


It's impossible to stop an intruder entering our homes but fortunately there are steps we can take to make it harder for intuders to break in.

One of the best deterents on the market is a burglar alarm. Not only are burglar alarms great at making a lot of noise and drawing attention to the area but they are also a fantastic visial deterant to anyone looking to break in.


With many years of experience in crime prevention and installating wireless burglar alarms, we are here to do our very best to prevent you from becoming the next victim of burglary.


Lawson Electrix has experience of installing hundreds of wireless alarm systems to date with hundreds of happy customers.  


Yale Premium Wireless Telecommunicating Alarm Systems utilise your phone line to call upto 3 numbers in the event of being triggered and can even be remotely actived or deactivated.


If you want a reliable alarm system installed by a professional give us a call today. 

Prices start from as little as £299.99 including parts & labour.

We'll provide you a detailed one off quote to suit your tailored requirements with no monthly or yearly

recurring charges.





Prevenion is always better than cure.